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Conspiracy Theories


The “Area 51: Myth or Reality” exhibit is reopening its doors in Las Vegas this month – and adding some new artifacts to the exhibit that weren’t there before. There’s supposedly an "authentic alien artifact" – which are small pieces of material that came from a reported 1986 UFO crash in Russia. You’ll also get to see photographs of UFOs from around the world, going back to the 1940s up through the '70s.
Slacker still wonders about the moon landing. He asks what evidence we have that we have been there. Slacker thinks money was used for something else, like the men in black or something like that. During the show he sneezed and claimed that the government is coming after him because he was talking about Area 51. Slacker said he was willing to pay twenty dollars to prove to Steve that aliens do exist. He talks about the Denver International Airport and how the paintings inside the airport explain another structure under the airport.
Steve says we have been to the moon 6 times! He asks if we didn’t land then why else would we go back six times. Steve questions Slacker and asks what else would we use the money for if not for the moon landing? He thinks that slackers “people” (conspiracy theorists) are all crazy and wants nothing to do with them. Steve also wonders how much the real estate would cost under the airport.
What conspiracy theory do you have?
The DIA one is big for me. There is nothing like it! Those crazy pictures all explain the possible end of the world and everyone uniting under a German rule. On top of that, the NEW WORLD ORDER is all over the place! Plus there is a evil horse that resides there!

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05/21/2014 6:57PM
Conspiracy Theories
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05/22/2014 6:23PM
I saw a UFO on the 118 in Simi Valley around mid 1979 before the freeway opened all the way no call boxes no lights..... I stopped past the top of the freeway in the ER lane on the left I worked nights so no one was on the freeway then... and off to my left was a triangle of lights. I stood on the edge of my van looking at this thing with NO sound then it hit me.... UFO I drove about 20 miles an hour across this freeway once this thing started moving.. I was afraid to get in front of it...... so I just followed it across Simi Valley, CA at about 1:30AM all the way home at the end of Simi Valley it just took off.... Scared me... Now The 118 freeway goes all the way trough with lights and call boxes but it didn't then.
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