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Conspiracy Theories

In Clintonville, Wisconsin there have been mysterious booms and no one knows where they are coming from. Manmade causes have been ruled out and the city is bringing in a machine that will hopefully tell them where the booms are coming from. People think it is all a cover up for the government building underground.
Slacker believes that the government is keeping things from us. A guy Slacker and Steve know thought something bad would happen today so he got money out of the bank and filled up his gas tank. Slacker says DIA is actually two airports and people only know of one because they only use part of the land. Also he thinks when Colorado had earthquakes, that was the government building some underground tunnel. Steve thinks people are crazy and none of these things are true. Slacker says something happened on the live news a few weeks ago where a random light flashed. No one claimed anything was wrong untill two weeks later someone said a transformer blew up...
I know that the government cover ups stuff all the time but I really have no idea if this true or not. I think people take things too far though with this whole 2012 stuff. If the world ends nothing we can do. I have read about people that all they do is prepare for bad things to happen. While I think it is important to be aware and be prepared because lots of things can happen like war and natural disasters, I really don’t think you should live in fear and stop living your life.
Do you have any conspiracy theories?
With Love- Intern Sarah

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03/22/2012 5:37PM
Conspiracy Theories
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