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Slacker and Steve had a woman post a complaint on their facebook page and we want to see how you feel about it.
“I can't believe you dismissed the voices of so many women about the delivery issue. I can't stomach it anymore. The way you both belittle and mock women and women's (some sacred) issues like it's just a big joke to you. Women are just irrational, over emotional, manipulative, and shallow to you right? That may be the women you know, but those characteristics do not apply to the majority of us. But who cares, as long as your mockery and scorn of half the world's population makes for good entertainment. I don't remember the last time you two said anything positive about women. It seems that as the years pass, you both get worse. I used to really love listening, but now I've had enough.
signing off…”
The guys are more than happy to take advice…Good or Bad. It is a radio show! Of course they belittle and mock…everyone! Not just women. It’s a tamer version of TV for sure. No visual description of murder, rape and crime constantly like a ‘b’ movie or a nasty car wreck! At least they will listen to both sides of every story. The guys will listen to you if you show some sign of intelligence and take the time to engage in a non-DB manner… Most of the feedback from the listeners is constructive and not falling on deaf ears.
Slacker and Steve will admit they go overboard most of the time, but that is to emit passion from the listeners. The show is supposed to be entertaining and light hearted. Topics will be lopsided at times. If you don’t put it out there, you’ll never know.
Slacker hates everyone equally…Steve just bashes everybody. He also respects everyone’s opinion.
What complaint do you have about Slacker and Steve?
Since I don’t technically work here, I could totally speak my mind and whine about all the access I have to these guys, the conversations I get to have with Slacker and Steve, the trust they have in a guy like me to post on their social media sites, the view from the studio, the freedom to speak my mind, give my opinions and chill in their office while they kick ass on the air and listen to people complain.

I could do that…but I appreciate the opportunity way too much to blow it!
Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! – Ray the Intern

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07/19/2012 4:53PM
Complaint Corner
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