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Coming Out


This story is such a happy one.  A 15 year old girl wanted to come out to her parents and thought that baking them a cake would help the blow.  She made the cake and wrote “I’m gay” with the icing.  She also wrote a letter and set it next to the cake which had plenty of sweet puns in it.  This story has since went viral and is hopefully helping plenty of other people with their coming out journey.

Slacker was a part of one coming out story many years ago.  He had an employee that he says everyone had already assumed was gay.  He did plenty of feminine things and never talked about girls or anything that would lead them to believe he was straight.  One day the employee came to him and asked if he could talk to him.  Slacker freaked because the kid was such a great employee and he thought he was about to quit.  So when he told him he was gay Slacker’s reaction was less than shocked.  He still feels bad to this day because he was pretty much thinking, “well duh” but never had a problem with it. 

Do you have a coming out story that you’ll share with us?

I have plenty of friends that are gay and I can’t imagine them any other way than who they are.  But I know that each of them has a story for how they got to where they are now.  Now I’m curious to ask them.  I wish everyone that has dealt with this the best of luck, and hope that you all find the strength to do what your heart desires.

Intern Kelly

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01/31/2013 6:43PM
Coming Out
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