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Closure For 2011

Yi!! Happy New Year!
Just last week we replayed the top five great mate debates from 2011, and we got a ton of feedback from people needing closure with some of them. Danny was the number one favorite and we were lucky enough to get him back on the air with us live to share with us an update. If you don’t remember, Danny was in a debate with his mom about donating a kidney to his brother; A brother that never wanted anything to do with him growing up. Danny still has his two kidneys, but he was so flattered and so encouraged by everyone’s response and advice, that it really helped him open his eyes and reflect on the unresolved issues he has with his family. He is continuing to heal some of the deep wounds, but it looks like he is on the path to saying yes to his brother and giving him a kidney.
Another story that people were looking to get some closure on, was the great mate debate with a husband and wife fighting over getting a house keeper. He didn’t want one, but she felt like she needed the help. At the end of the debate, she completely broke down and lost it and like most guys, he actually caved, so yes, they did end up getting the house keeper and now everything is looking up.
In another story from 2011, there was a woman named Ashley that got pregnant with twins from a married man. Unfortunately, in our update we found out that she had mis-carried the twins. Now the married man must actually make the decision on whether to still be with her or stay with his wife without kids hanging over his head.
Finally, if you remember Christine and Todd, they had a baby together when they were young, gave it up for adoption and years later had another. Well, 13 years later the son they gave up came knocking on their doorstep asking to get to know them and Christine has continued to keep in touch with him. Todd is slowly warming up to the idea…
Hopefully we have given you the closure you need! What else did you want an update on?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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01/03/2012 3:44PM
Closure For 2011
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