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Isn’t Christmas on the 25th every year? Well, apparently that doesn’t matter anymore because the new trend is to celebrate Christmas after the New Year. That way, you can take advantage of all the post-Christmas deals. In a new survey done by giant accounting firm Deloitte, 6% of people plan to celebrate their Christmas in January and that my friends, is what we call a cheapskate.
Like most people, I love anything free. I also happen to love breadsticks. I’ve learned that if you go to a certain restaurant that gives you unlimited breadsticks right before they close, they will give you a bunch of extras for free! It’s pretty awesome and delicious might I add.
Slacker used to re-wash straws. How are you a cheapskate?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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12/15/2011 5:13PM
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12/25/2011 5:56PM
its called being poor
I wish american corporations who enjoy being american corporations, actually still employed some actual AMERICANS. That has a bit to do with us in the US being cheapskates. Just thought I'ld let you know. Your welcome.
12/25/2011 5:59PM
btw Delloitte?
I bet if u call them, a guy in India picks up the phone.
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