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Celebrity Encounters

MMA star Rampage Jackson smacked a fan in the face last week outside of an L.A. bar, but not because he wanted to…Because he was asked to by the fan! In his own words, “One thing you need to know about Rampage, I love my fans, but he asked me so I did it."
Slacker has experienced his own celebrity encounter and it all revolved around her butt and a picture. Anna Nalick came through the station and she seemed really proper, very Christian like and during the picture Slacker inadvertently touched her butt. After the photo, he immediately apologized and she said, no you didn’t touch my butt…So, he was like wait a minute, and started to argue with her only to go…Why am I arguing with you about your butt? And why do I now want to touch it on purpose?
Have you experienced a celebrity encounter?
I have experienced plenty of celebrity encounters, being that I work in radio, but it’s been nothing like getting smacked in the face by Rampage Jackson! To honest, that actually sounds awesome! I mean, can I say something that excited has happened with a celebrity for me…Not really…Unless you count discussing Sons of Anarchy and Dexter with Safetysuit…Which was way sweet to me…But maybe not to you…
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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03/20/2012 5:19PM
Celebrity Encounters
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03/20/2012 5:50PM
Troy Duffy, writer producer of Boondock Saints
In college my roomate asked me if I would pick someone up at the airport. It was Troy Duffy. We all went out to the bar that night. He was in town to write the sequal. Got my own signed copy of the script, and a hangover from the shots.
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