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Carrie Underwood kisses a twelve year old boy

Carrie Underwood gave a twelve year old boy his first kiss on stage.  Cute or Creepy?

Read the whole story and watch the video HERE

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10/01/2012 8:12AM
Carrie Underwood kisses a twelve year old boy
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10/01/2012 8:54AM
Is it possible to get your minds out of the gutter?
Dear Alice 105.9, I am so disappointed that I even feel the need to write this letter. I have been a listener for over 15 years. I loved the morning show (and Slacker and Steve) and typically look forward to listening to them whenever I am traveling in the car. This is no longer the case with the morning show. I am so disgusted with the morning show right now I could spit. And no- I don’t blame it all on Jamie although she doesn’t help. Frequently, in the past, BJ and Howie will go off on little tangents that quickly become inappropriate and often grotesque. Erica and Jennifer were wonderful balances to the boys because they always brought them back to topic and kept them on track and scolded them for their inappropriate words or behavior. Now Jamie merely chimes in or continues to instigate it. Specifically, my favorite part of the morning show was the Hollywood news. For the past two weeks (and possibly even before!) the news has been nothing but trash and QUICKLY turns to something sexual and off topic. There have been times it take Jamie almost 20 minutes to do the segment because they get so off topic and lost. This morning was the final straw for me. Jamie brought up the “first kiss” ordeal with the 12 year old boy and Carrie Underwood and Howie IMMEDIATELY went to a very sexual and dark place insinuating that the boy is now constantly masturbating and Jamie chimes in that the mom is complaining about the lack of Kleenex in the house. REALLY?! That’s the first thing that comes to their minds about this issue?? And the be-littling of listeners is horrible. Jamie made a comment to a listener about whether or not she liked boys or girls because she was commenting on the NFL issues. How ignorant and rude can a person be and why would you treat your listeners like that? The entire morning show rarely lets listeners get a word in when they call in and if they don’t make fun of them while on the air, they do when they hang up. I am so disappointed and saddened by the awful turn the show has taken. Farewell Alice morning show. I’ll be back when either Jamie or Howie are done. Sincerely, Saddened Listener
10/01/2012 10:12PM
That listener
I think it's fine I don't really care I thought it was very funny you guys should just keep being your funny selves I am always like that in class so why bother? Haha ~ happy listener
10/13/2012 2:27AM
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