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We are in the prime season for being forced into spending time with family…and some of them can get a little crazy!

Psycho, Crazy or In Bred. Whatever! Like an Aunt that comes home with a man named Buzz with tear drop tattoo's and just got "OUT"!

Steve claims his entire family was and still is sane and boring. So no real reason for him to escape.

Slacker, on the other hand...Uncle Norman was sooo scary to Slacker when he was a kid. He remembers hanging out on shag carpet and tons of creepy dolls that his Aunt Bobby, his wife, would collect. The house was full of them. Remeber, he loves these people. His uncle Norman was funny and friendly, but he would wait until everybody was together and he would get down on the floor, on the shag carpet and pop his dentures out of his mouth and scare the crap out of Slacker. Slacker would then would have an atomic meltdown from the fear of seeing a man without his teeth!  Then, his parents would snatch him up and tell him to be nice to his Uncle. When his Uncle died, he wanted tell his Uncle Norman's daughters that he used to scare the crap out of him instead of grieving his death...Norman was sick, but it was Buzz that was in the bathroom grinding it down. No, not really!

My mother-in-law is nuts! She was visiting last Christmas and came into the kitchen while I was feeding our puppy. She took a fork and scooped a heap of dog food in to her mouth and then asked, "What is that?" I told her what it was and she simply said, "I thought it tasted different..." Really?

What crazy things have your in - laws done?

Peace, Love and Good Happiness stuff! - Ray the Intern

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11/26/2012 4:27PM
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