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Bug Related Incident

Slacker’s kids are getting older and he knows he’s going to have to start going camping with them now that it’s getting warmer. Well, this reminded him of one time he went camping up at McConaughey with his wife. When they first got to the campsite, it was pitch black so he had his wife sit on the flat part of the tent and turn on the Coleman lantern so he could set it up. Well, when you’re next to a lake, you turn on a light and you’re in pitch black…It tends to attract every bug in the universe! Slacker would start feeling giant bugs hit his back trying to get to the light. At times it felt like 40 of them on his back and his brain was telling him to run like they were eating him. Eventually, he started jumping up and down, got in his partly made tent, shut off the light and waited for the bugs to move away before they got back out and drove away…
Have you had a bug related incident?
I’ve had one too many bug related incidents. I mean one fly’s near my face and I call it an incident. I’ve had spiders crawl on my face off my pillow in my bed, I’ve had one crawl around in the shower with me and I’ve almost sat on one while on the toilet. I’ve even eaten sugar ants on a campsite while eating a small box of frosting flakes. I didn’t notice there was a line of them just crawling into the box!  Once I was even sitting in history class my junior year and boom, the tiniest spider started crawling down and was just hanging out there in front of me. I kept making these weird faces and poked the person next to me to look and then the whole side of the room started to panic. The teacher…was tired of the distraction so she came over looked for the spec of a spider and clapped her hands right on it. Disgusting!

Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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03/30/2012 5:22PM
Bug Related Incident
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