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Booby Pop-Out Moment

You never think it’s going to happen…In fact, you could be in church, at the pool, on the beach or even on the red carpet when suddenly…You’ve experienced a booby pop-out moment!
I know I’ve experienced a booby pop-out moment. I was on vacation, a cruise, and we were in St. Maarten on the beach. I decided it would be fun to boogey board in my bikini and I should have known this was a bad idea since I can’t even swim…Well, all of a sudden when I decided to boogey to shore, a wave came and I got sucked under and all of a sudden before I could do something about it, I was experiencing a booby-pop out moment to all of the people on the beach. It was pretty embarrassing…
Have you experienced a booby pop-out moment?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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05/09/2012 8:51PM
Booby Pop-Out Moment
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05/10/2012 10:21PM
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