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Blonde Moments


There is a video on the web of a woman trying to figure out how long it will take to go 80 miles at 80 MPH . She is coming up with some many ideas to try and figure out what the answer is. At one point she is talking about how fast she can run and the tires turning.

I have blonde moments all the time and I am a brunette.  A funny moment that happened was a few years ago to me and my best friend. She is blonde and we were going to die her hair a lighter shade of blonde. Well when I started putting the dye in her hair it turned brown and I started freaking out because I thought I dyed her hair dark brown. If I were only to read the instructions I would have known it would darken so that you know where the dye was.

What is your blonde moment?

With Love- Intern Sarah

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03/21/2012 5:43PM
Blonde Moments
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03/21/2012 5:57PM
I got milk from the store and put it in the cupboard with the juice a week later my dad asked me where I put the milk and I told him it was in the cupboard with the juice he raced downstairs and brought up the now separated chuncky milk I never lived that down
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