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BJ & Jamie's Blog

Bj & Jamie;s Giving Tree.

The 6th Annual BJ & Jamie Giving Tree.

The Christmas tree is up and all the families have been chosen. Read the stories and find the perfect family for you to help this year.

Just follow this link below and change Christmas this year for one lucky family.
BJ & Jamie's Giving Tree

Get all the information or adopt a family at

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12/03/2012 12:08PM
Bj & Jamie;s Giving Tree.
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12/03/2012 3:33PM
A Family in Need
My younger brother's family has had a very emotional and financially difficult year. My 11 year old nephew (Xavier) suffers from many different mental illness's (schizophrenia, bi-polar and mood disorders). He has been hospitalized for close to 10 weeks on and off throughout this year. Which leads to enormous debt and a large amount of missing work for my brother and sister in law. Because of this my sister in law (Sultana) lost her job. They also have to other children Adriana and Allison. Sometimes it's difficult to meet their needs because my nephews needs are so much greater. The girls never complain and are very loving to their brother. My nephew tells me things lo like "I just want to be like normal kids"...Totally heart breaking. My brother Brandon works two jobs to provide for his family, but to say they squeek by every month would be an understatement. I know that Christmas may not happen for them this year if I cannot find a way to help them. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I appreciate you considering The Renshaw Family for this gift. Sincerely, Robyn Allen
12/03/2012 10:34PM
I am sending this for my kids who deserve a blessed Christmas.
I am a divorced Mom of 3 amazing children and a Grandma to a precious baby boy. This whole year has been more than a struggle but became even more difficult October 28th when their Dad had a tragic accident. Due to falling 3 stories, he is been in ICU and on a respirator, paralyzed from the chest down. He has been fighting constant fevers and pneumonia on top of it. The kids and I have spent numerous hours at the hospital waiting for good news which hasn't come yet, but we are still hopeful. They are trying so hard to continue doing good in school and not let this affect them but after 5 weeks, they are starting to wear thin. There is only so much I can do for them especially because Im gone 12 hours a day, trying to provide for them which I feel like I'm failing at. The boys were living at their Dad's since May until this happened so now I have a family of 5 in a 2 bedroom condo. They know that I can't even begin to think about Christmas presents when I can barely put food on the table. I know that all they really want for Christmas is for their Dad to be able to walk and talk again but I know it would do them a lot of good to have some gifts to open. My daughter also just lost her biological father on Thanksgiving due to a brain aneurism, so needless to say, they now realize how quickly life can change and to not take anything for granted. Thank you BJ and Jamie for all that you do and I hope you can help make my kids' Christmas extra special! God bless and Merry Christmas!!!
12/05/2012 12:26PM
My Sister
My sisters family has been struggling lately as she has been out of work and unable to find work for quite some time. My bro-in-law is disabled. They have 2 girls, 19 and 16. Even if they r older, they too deserve a good Christmas. Usually they ARE the giving tree. They have helped so many!!! Now their car may be re-possessed, his mom is being put in a home due to a stroke, things are not good. Plz help them. They deserve it! And their girls too. Threw it all, they continue to stay strong and keep a smile on theiir faces when most would fall apart. Thank u, Vicki
12/05/2012 2:46PM
Mr Mom
My son was laid off from his job. He has been the caretaker of my 2 year old granddaughter for the last several months. They live on his wife's paycheck which is barely over minimum wage. If he takes a Jon, Nu Job, he pay more I'm dAyvRe than he makes on unemployment. It's a tough deal for them supporting their little family on unplument and the little money hi wife brings I fr her job. They always run short trying to get gas, grocceries, diapers, ect. They have one used car and are behind on those payments, rent and what they still owe daycare & bills from when he was working. They could really use the help this year. Thank you south for your consideration .
12/05/2012 6:02PM
Please Help
I am a single mom of a wonderful daughter. I work a full time job but just this last September my hours were cut to tho point that I had to move back with family and I am still having a hard making my bills and now my cars needs breaks and some work done. Please help my daughter have the a great Christmas she is the one thing that keeps me going and makes me want to be a better person. Please help. Thanks
12/05/2012 10:41PM
Family in need
Hello I listen to you every morning. I am submitting this for my sister & her two kids. My sister is a single mother who recently we t through a divorce. She has had a rough year can't find a job and has a 8 year old son with disabities and a 3 year old son who is the most loving kid. My sister has always given to anyone who needed something. This year her kids won't have much of a Christmas if something great doesn't happen. I hope you will consider this great family in need of something great to happen for them. Thank you for doing something good for these families.
12/07/2012 7:10PM
Dear BJ, and Jamie, My name is Kris Dryden. I am a trauma nurse, and the single mother of my ten year old son . None of this seems out of the ordinary, until I get to the part of our lives when I became permanently disabled and lost my career literally overnight. My son is the ONLY THING IN THIS WORLD I LOVE MORE THAN MEDICINE...and I can no longer work......ANYWHERE due to a surgeon's mistake. Being in the medical field mysel, I witnessed extensively the misuse of our legal system where medical malpractice was concerned, so I made the decision not to pursue legal action at that time---not realizing the lifelong reprocussions of the injury I had sustained. In the years following the injury (surgery) which was 2005 I lost my 4 BR/3bath home...had to cash in ALL of my life ins,and my 401k,just to keep a roof over my sons head....and still ended up homeless. I am told I make $20 to much from disability ( which is my only income) to get food stamps...or any help! My son just got put into some gifted classes at his school.....but is falling behind because I don't have, and can't afford to get a computer for our home. All ( or.most of) their work is done by computer now. I can't stand the fact that.I am the reason he is not getting what he deserves. We live our lives by the principle of "paying it forwar.with the understanding that you don't get to expect change back. We are good people.....and my son is the most incredible young man....we just collected toys lst Saturday with the marines for Toys For Tots because his uncle is a marine......AMD also his HERO.....LITTLE DOES JE KNOW HE IS MY HERO,AND I JUST WANT TO GIVE HIM SOMETHIMG THIS YEAR. I have talked to you guys on the radio....told you my jokes.....( knock knock.......gorilla me a cheese sandwich!......and what do you call a cow with no legs.....ground beef!). But this is no joke.....I am quite the loner.....can do it ALL MYSELF.....but this time.......I can't. Please help if you can. Thank you for your time, Kris Dryden
12/10/2012 10:45AM
Giving tree
When will people be notified if they have been chosen to help out one of the giving tree families?
12/02/2014 7:30AM
giving tree
my friend case you were really rough wars was supposed to say court and no lost her apartment lost everything around walter for pat and her a girl daughter probably won't get that much for christmas I try to help myself but it's not enough
12/02/2014 7:34AM
nice family
my friend casey just went through a very rough divorce where she lost everything and shortly after she just lost her apartment her computer that she works on some of her pets and at this point her and her 8-year-old daughter are living in the basement ofher friends housejust want her daughter have a wonderful wonderful christmas for Once
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