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Bizzare Cravings

  A pregnant woman in London has a bizarre craving of eating the newspaper. She will eat at bingo and even while she is shopping. She says people will look at her like she is crazy. Her friends will keep a few papers for her so she can get through the weekend but she even buys more to feed her bizarre craving.
Slacker and Steve say when your body is craving something it wants the nutrients that are missing. So how would your body know to crave newspaper? If Slacker’s wife wanted something he wouldn’t just go out and get it for her but also something for him too, like Dairy Queen. His wife wanted Gardettos with deli mustard that you could only find in one place. Slacker has heard of people craving laundry detergent, which can’t be good for pregnant women.  If your wife is pregnant and is craving something you don’t want to come home without it.
Do you have any crazy cravings?
  Paper isn’t the worse craving I have heard of for a craving but overall I don’t think it is good for your body and your baby. I have never been pregnant but I know that’s its important you get all the important nutrients for your baby. If I were her I would try to eat something with nutrients anytime I got a paper craving. Hopefully it would stop or maybe just cancel the morning paper.

 With Love- Intern Sarah

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02/22/2012 3:49PM
Bizzare Cravings
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