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Biggest Fight Over The Littlest Thing

Just the other night our Producer Dave got in a huge fight with his wife over the littlest thing. Popcorn!! He was driving home from work, called her up and asked her what she wanted to do for dinner. She said, I don’t know, I’m eating popcorn. He was like, you’re eating popcorn? We can’t do popcorn for dinner. It’s not suitable for dinner. She said I’m good; I’m full, so he angrily went to the grocery store to prove a point, went home, and started cooking his chili dogs. Once he finished he went into the living room and started eating them in front of her to make her angry and sure enough she said I’m not hungry, I had popcorn for dinner, and I don’t need to eat your chili cheese dogs. So, he got more upset, went back into the kitchen and starting cleaning and slamming the pans, and his wife was in the other room angrily folding laundry. They haven’t spoken in two days.
So for Dave, it was popcorn, but in a new study, they claim dogs will cause 2,000 family arguments in its lifetime. What are most of the fights about the dog in relation to? Walking it, what to do with it during the holidays, whether it should be allowed on the bed, and who cleans up the mess in the backyard.
A little while ago I was in the car with two of my buddies and we just got out of an event. Since we took one vehicle, we needed to pick a route to get back to all of our cars. So, we narrowed it down to two options, one being the highway and the other being a back route. Well, I thought the highway would be faster even thought there was traffic, but they thought it would be faster to take the back route. So, we did that and about halfway through I think they finally realized they made a mistake, but still tried to pretend they were right by fighting which part of the highway we’d still be on if we took it. It was such a ridiculous argument over the littlest thing.
Have you had a big fight over the littlest thing?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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01/11/2012 5:16PM
Biggest Fight Over The Littlest Thing
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