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Biggest Fight, Littlest Thing


A Tennessee man is in trouble after he threatened his wife...because she burnt his toast! Sometimes it's the little things that turn into huge problems.
A Tennessee man was charged with domestic assault after threatening to hit his wife over burnt toast. The man was drunk and picked up his wife’s crutch, then threatened to hit her with it. He shoved one of the responding officers and hit his head against the glass divider in the cop car while on his way to jail. He also threatened to kill the cop and his family. No one was injured during the incident.
Slacker has a hard time concentrating because of the fight he just had with Steve about a fight that he had with his wife. He claims he scratches off the dark stuff on the toast when it’s burnt. Slacker talks about how much he hates the heel of the bread, it’s a teaser when you see you have some slices left and you get everything ready for a grilled cheese and you’re tricked by the heel of the bread! He says he doesn’t have different settings on his toaster, who has settings? Slacker has a thing on the side of his toaster that has three settings for sausage and egg but no bagle setting! He talks about how he fights with his wife about the type of pens he prefers. Slacker loves his pens and says that one day he was out of them at home and his wife ran to the store and bought fine tip pens. He wants to know who uses fine pens!? Slacker was angry because he thinks fine tip pens are like writing with an exacto knife, constantly shreds the paper!
Steve says burnt toast is better than under toasted stuff. Steve says it possibly is Texas Toast and it’s harder to get the right crisp. He wonders why not just put it on beagle setting because it toasts just one side. Steve says all microwaves come with settings why not just set it to that. He questions if you’re in a marriage, why would you know the pen preference of your significant other? Steve wants to know if they tested five couple would anyone really know?
Lil D says he has frozen beagle setting on his toaster and that he knows his wife’s pen preference because she has them laying all over the house. He says that his wife wanted popcorn for dinner one night and that caused a big fight because it’s not a proper meal! Lil D says it’s because it can’t fill you up at all!
What the littlest thing that has turned into the biggest fight for you?
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05/23/2014 3:34PM
Biggest Fight, Littlest Thing
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