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10 Lies All Guys Will (Probably) Always Tell from gurl

10 Lies All Guys Will (Probably) Always Tell

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I Wasn't Checking Her Out

Yes he was. Guys look at other women all the time just like girls look at other men all the time. It's human nature. We all do it.

I Don't Watch Porn

LOL. Yes he does. All dudes watch porn! Once I dated a guy who insisted he never watched porn and every time I told another guy that, they would laugh so hard they would start crying. Every guy watches porn once in a while. Just accept it.

We Can Talk About This Later

This is what a guy says when he really doesn't want to talk about this anymore, ever, and he's hoping you'll forget about it and never bring it up again. He more than likely has no intention of ever speaking of this again.

You're The Only One I Think About When I'm Masturbating

Sorry, girls. You're not the only one who crosses his mind when he's pleasuring himself. Can you honestly say he's the ONLY one you've EVER thought about while doing the same?

Yeah, I Love That Outfit. No, You Don't Look Fat

Honestly, he probably doesn't care what you're wearing. He just wants to go to wherever it is you're supposed to go. He doesn't want to give his opinion about this. Also, even if an outfit is unflattering on you, very few guys would be stupid enough to say that. He wants to make you happy and, honestly, he probably thinks you look good just the way you are

But I Can't Feel Anything When I Use Condoms

Ummmm, okay, I'm sure. First of all, I assure you that he can feel stuff with a condom on. Second of all, if he's using this line on you, how many other girls do you think he's used it on? Do you REALLY want to have unprotected sex with someone who has probably done so with other girls?

Of Course I Don't Think Any Of Your Friends Are Cute!

Remember how I said guys check out other girls? Yeah, those girls probably include your friends. I guarantee that you have at least one friend your boyfriend thinks is cute. As long as he doesn't act on that, it's fine. Just leave it. We're humans, we find other humans attractive.

I'm Not Interested In Going To Strip Clubs

Maybe he doesn't exactly have intentions of going to one anytime soon, but please don't think he's not at least a little curious. I mean, if you suggested going to one with him, please don't think he'd say no. He'd say yes, in case I'm not being clear.

I Would NEVER Tell My Friends About Sex Stuff

Just like you would never tell your friends about sex stuff, right? I mean, let's be real here. He obviously shouldn't be giving them a play-by-play, but he has probably said at least one thing about your sex life to them.

No, I Never Think About My Ex

She's his ex! I think she has crossed his mind at least once. I'm not saying it's necessarily in a sexual way, it could be in any way. And of course he shouldn't be thinking about her all the time, but it will happen once in a while. And he doesn't need to tell you everything he thinks about, you know?

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10/14/2013 10:29AM
10 Lies All Guys Will (Probably) Always Tell from gurl
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