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Bathing With Your Kids

In a recent interview, Gwyneth Paltrow admitted that she still bathes with her 5yo and 7yo to help with their bedtime routine.
Steve thinks this is completely wrong; they are too old! He says at maybe 3 or possibly 4 years old, is the last age you should be able to bathe with your children. Slacker’s son is 5 years old and he still showers with Noah. He says he’s in such a rush sometimes; it’s just easier that way.
Do you think this is okay? At what age should you stop bathing with your kids?
Although I don’t think 5 years old is awful, I do think bathing with your kid at 7 years old is a bit weird. At that point, your child is definitely noticing body parts and asking questions about them. I think they should be able to bathe themselves on their own despite their bedtime routine.
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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02/21/2012 4:13PM
Bathing With Your Kids
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02/21/2012 9:59PM
I think that around the age 4-5 you need to gradually let them shower by themselves so that by age 6 they can do it themselves so that they won't start to ask questions and it gives them a little taste of freedom cuz you dont want your kid in kindergarten to tel his/her teacher I still shower with mommy/daddy . It would just be awkward so ya 7 is way to old
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