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Banning Cross-Dressers?

A school board in Virginia is considering banning cross-dressing by students. They say it is a safety concern for those students. Some male students are wearing wigs and dresses to school and they want to ban them from ding that. Do you think it is a violation of their First Amendment rights or do you think the school board is doing the right thing to protect their students?
Slacker and Steve think that if you allow cross-dressing at the school, don’t you have to allow other things like wearing a confederate flag. Or if you ban one thing don’t you have to ban it all. They say that some schools are even considering a third bathroom for cross-dressing students, which could cost more money. If it’s a girl cross-dressing she just can put pants on, cut her hair and it still be considered normal, while a guy wearing a dress and a wig would stand out more. Slacker can kind of understand both sides and doesn’t really know what to do in this situation.
Personally if it is not hurting anyone or hurting anyone else the students should be aloud how to dress how they want. They should have dress code, like girls have dress codes for certain things they wear. I can understand that the school board is trying to protect their students and create a safe learning environment but if it is really a huge problem maybe they need to consider uniforms instead. If safety is a major concern they may have a bully problem as well and need to address that issue instead of singling out certain kids for who they feel they are.  
With Love- Intern Sarah

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02/13/2012 7:12PM
Banning Cross-Dressers?
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