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Bad Idea

We posted a video this past weekend on our facebook with a guy that decided he wanted to grab food from an elephant. Talk about a bad idea, but out of all the bad ideas in the world, we think this one tops them all! With all the records to break in this world, why one man would attempt the most hours buried alive is beyond crazy to us! A 24 year old man from Sri Lanka named Janaka Basnayake, asked his family to do this honor and bury him alive in a ten foot grave, in a wooden coffin. He was buried around 9:30 in the morning and at 4:00 in the afternoon they unburied him only to discover he was dead! Poor guy…
When did you have an idea that turned into a bad one?
I don’t know about you, but all my ideas are great. Ok, I’m kidding. I’ve had some pretty bad ideas that without thinking, I went through with and ended up costing some people a whole lot of time. Kind of like the idea of dominos, except I made them all fall down for someone to start all over again. I want to share a story of my friend’s though… She used to be an intern here back in the day and during that time we had the privilege of uploading the audio to the website. Well, one time she added one too many of the same audio so she went to hit the delete button and boom! Bad idea! She deleted every audio file ever created! That night she had to upload everything from that year. I felt really bad for her!
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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03/06/2012 3:13PM
Bad Idea
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03/06/2012 5:58PM
not fair i can't plat because i can't use my phone i want to WIN once in my life
my bad idea is when i was 17 my boyfriend cheated on me with his baby mama so when my parents went out of town i told him to come over said do not knock just come in when he did i was on the couche with his little brother and the bad idea happen because revenge doesn't pay because i got pregnant by the little brother what a idea i really wish i could have played the game
03/06/2012 6:05PM
no far can't play
how will you reach me with no name it is shannon b if you say my name at 3pm i can sneak and call
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