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Bad Dates

Ever wonder why a date went horribly wrong? Well, maybe it’s you…And your rudeness. We found a story that lists off ten signs to help you find out if you are rude on a date.
1. You arrive late for a date or change plans last minute as a habit…
2. You stare at attractive people who pass by or allow distractions of cell phones, text messages, silent vibes to interrupt your dating conversation…
3. You exaggerate your accomplishments and dating goals in hopes of getting laid…
4. You bog down the mood with heavy, negative stories from your past…
5. You pressure a commitment quickly or invite a date to an event two months later…
6. You use electronic communication to confirm dates or to keep track of your date's online dating activities…
7. You control conversations with a monologue about yourself…
8. You pass judgment, put down your date's dreams or suggest that your date change to fit your ideal…
9. You criticize your date's family or physical flaws that can't be changed…
10. You talk about how busy you are with work and family obligations…
Is this you?
Have you had a bad date?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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04/25/2012 8:24PM
Bad Dates
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