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Bad Babysitters


BABYSITTERS MAKE $12.75 AN HOUR  on the average!

The rate in NY and Conn. is $15.15 an hour. This includes nannies and daycares, too. How much does your babysitter charge you? How much is your child's safety worth? How about bad babysitters? Tell us about your bad babysitter stories.

Slacker had a babysitter on Friday and they went over their time a bit. He had to give his tip money for the cab driver to the sitter.

The guys want to know if you were a kid and had a bad babysitter, but better yet, if you have been the bad babysitter, they want the story.
Family is typically the worst type of childcare. Outside the family, if the parents come home and the kid has broken arms, the sitter probably won’t get paid. Family, on the other hand…
Slacker used to get fed a bunch of junk food, get tied up and locked in the closet by his brothers. When they finally let them out, his brothers would tell him that if he ratted them out, they would do that to him every day of his life! His parents used to think he was such a mama’s boy, but the truth was he knew what was coming!!

What is your bad babysitter story?

My parents were the worst babysitters I experienced. On nights they would throw a party, I would throw myself on the floor from the bed to get them to pay attention. They actually expected me to go to bed early and not try to hang out. Then there was the time I stole some shots from the coffee table and my dad was impressed and not so concerned for my future state. He claims that I asked “More?”

Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! – Ray the Intern

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08/06/2012 5:26PM
Bad Babysitters
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