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BRI: Bug Related Incident


A woman crashed her boss' car into a pond...after being stung in the face by a bee!
Woman crashes boss's car into lake after bee attack…

It's a natural reaction to dive the other way when a bee's intent on stinging you -- just make sure you don't do it while operating a motor vehicle. A 24-year-old Alabama woman learned that the hard way when a bee flew in her open car window while she was driving and stung her lip. She swerved while swatting at the insect and crashed her car into a lake. Oops. To make matters worse, it was her boss's car. "I was like, 'Oh my God, I'm going to get fired!'" she said. We hope her supervisor thought the swollen lip, car accident and swim to safety was enough drama for one day.

Slacker knows a dude who got attacked by bees while landscaping. He was using those ginourmous loppers to trim with, you know the ones. He was totally scared as the bees came at him. Instead of running like a man with his ginourmous loppers, he throws them in the air and tries to flee the scene. The tool comes down and impales him in the foot! Now the dude is stuck to the ground with the bees all thinking to themselves…”Hey Thanks! Thanks for stopping!” Then they feasted on the nectar of his blood, because they were Zombie Bees!

Slacker’s son will not sleep in a house with that has even one Miller Moth. He says they leave stains on you when you swing at them or squash them. They are dirty and dusty! Slacker thinks that moths just sit and wait for lights to come on and then, BAM! They go for it! He’s afraid to get phone calls in the dark because the moths are gonna find him!

Steve blames it on Slacker’s wife for making him afraid and Slacker agrees 100%. He’s trying to figure out how Slacker is still alive with such obsessive concerns for what the Miller Moth is really after. Steve insists you don’t smash him, just swat at them. Steve just wants Slacker to swat at them because they’re just dumb bugs. Is Steve part of the people for the ethnic treatment of Miller Moths?

Have you had an incident with a bug?

I suck at landscaping and lawn maintenance, so I have a lot of run-ins with bugs…mostly wasps! My daughter catches the brunt of it though. She is truly frightened by the pests and rightfully so! Her foot swelled up for 5 days a week ago from 2 stings at the same time! I’m trying to get rid of a nest that just keeps rebuilding itself within my retaining wall. I think they are just building immunity to the spray I’m using and gaining strength for a huge revolution!

Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! – Intern Ray

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06/25/2012 4:01PM
BRI: Bug Related Incident
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