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We have a new intern and we were sure he wasn’t going to work out…because of his name!

Slacker and Steve have their assumptions about the name Brandon.  Yes, Brandon (like the Brandon writing this blog).  They say that I'm a good intern, but other Brandon's have ruined the name. Slacker says that there is nothing normal about Brandon's.  There are other names such as fratboy Travis or blonde Heather.

I'm not taking this personally (lucky I'm a good sport about this).  But even along the same lines, I notice there are other Brandon's out there that...let's just say don't act like I do.  There are other names names where I think of the same thing, and that certain names are held up to certain expectations.  Hopefully I can convince Slacker and Steve that I'm not Brandon the d-bag.

Are there any names that you have assumptions for?

Keep it classy,


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06/20/2012 3:19PM
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06/20/2012 3:33PM
Ok do I have to say that my daughters name is rebekah and she is a sweet heart!!!! The name I boycott is josh Every josh I know is stuch on themselves.
06/20/2012 3:51PM
Sexy boy names for girl's
My name is Allyn. I hate it! I wish I were a Sam or Charlie because at least they are short for Samantha and Charlene!
06/20/2012 6:04PM
Two out of three dumb jocks are named Chad
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