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BJ & Jamie's Blog

BJ and Jamie's Bar Bingo!

Bingo is back and it’s hotter than ever!

Join BJ & Jamie at various Lodo's Bar & Grill locations for three prized filled Bar Bingo events designed to kick off the summer with amazing giveaways!

Starting Thursday 4/24 at the Highlands Ranch LODO's play Bingo with BJ & Jamie to win tickets to the SOLD OUT OneRepublic Show at Red Rocks! PLUS the grand prize winner will walk away with a trip for two to Las Vegas to see Bruno Mars at the Cosmopolitan in August.

Admission is free an open to ages 18+. Seating is LIMITED so make sure to RSVP with the form below and an Alice 105.9 representative will contact you regarding your request.

Enjoy happy hour specials until 7pm!
Updates with follow with information for the next 2 events!

Monday 5/12 – Westminster Location
Thursday 5/22 – Downtown Location

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04/22/2014 9:03AM
BJ and Jamie's Bar Bingo!
Please Enter Your Comments Below
04/22/2014 12:54PM
I would like to go to bingo on Thursday and I bring my husband and friend. Is there anything else we need to do? Lori Kalisch, Steve Kalisch, Corrin Cramer
04/22/2014 1:35PM
Yes, please I would love to go with some girls to play!!
04/22/2014 3:25PM
Bingo Fun
My teammate and I would love to go play bingo after a long day teaching!
04/22/2014 3:58PM
"The Wendis" would love to play on Thursday 4/24/14! (
04/22/2014 4:47PM
Bingo add on
Add one more to us - 4 total.
04/22/2014 11:33PM
Bingo and Bruno!
Myself and a friend would love to play BINGO on Thursday 4/24 with BJ and Jamie! Thanks!
04/23/2014 7:29AM
Just want to make sure I am on list-called in yesterday and talk to Jamie@ BJ-the highlight of my day. Thanks
04/23/2014 7:39AM
Yes, Yes....Bingo Time for Bruno :)
I would love to play bingo and have a chance to go see my man...Bruno. Please RSVP me ASAP!! Thanks.
04/23/2014 11:01AM
rsvp for bingo
I would like to rsvp to bingo!!!
04/23/2014 4:00PM
RSVP for bingo
I would like to go to bingo tomorrow at Lodo's Highlands Ranch. My email: Thank you!
04/23/2014 5:40PM
I like BINGO! Can I reserve 4 spots?
04/23/2014 10:57PM
Bingo and Bruno! (Take 2)
Hi there, I sent an email yesterday saying that there are two of us who would like to go and I haven't received a response yet. Would LOVE to play BINGO!!! Thanks!
04/24/2014 10:00AM
B-I-N-G-O (2nd attempt)
I posted an RSVP request earlier this week and have not receive a yea or nay response, so I want to check again - it is for 2. Any of the above emails will work.
04/24/2014 2:17PM
Are there any more seats for tonight's bar bingo?
If so, I can be reached at jessica.steinhoff1@gmail. Thanks so much!!
04/24/2014 3:18PM
rsvp tonight
Rsvp to bingo. 4 people.
04/26/2014 1:51PM
bingo rsvp
is this the "form below" for an RSVP?!
05/06/2014 7:58AM
5/12 Bar Bingo
We would like to sign up for 2!
05/06/2014 8:20AM
Bingo 5/12/14
Would like 4 for BINGO on Monday 5/12,
05/06/2014 8:55AM
RSVP Bingo 5/22
Hi I would like to RSVP for me and 3 others (4 total)! Thanks!
05/12/2014 8:52PM
Bingo downtown lodos location
I would like to RSVP for 4 total.
05/12/2014 11:26PM
RSVP Bar Bingo downtown 5/22/14
I would like to RSVP for 5 people for Bar Bingo on 5/22/14 Thanks a bunch.
05/13/2014 1:40PM
RSVP for Bar Bingo
I'd love to RSVP for the downtown Bar bingo on 5/22/14, for 4 of us! Please confirm. Thanks.
05/13/2014 11:54PM
RSVP Bingo 5/22
I'd like to RSVP for 4 people on 5/22/14! PLEASE! Thanks!
05/19/2014 8:35AM
RSVP Bar Bingo Downtown 5/22/14
I'd like to RVSP for 5 people on 5/22/14. Thank-you!
05/19/2014 9:50PM
RSVP Bar Bingo Downtown 5/22/2014
I'd like to RSVP for 4 people on 5/22/14. Thank you!
05/22/2014 1:37PM
Bingo RSVP
Still looking to be contacted for 3!
05/22/2014 6:43PM
Lodos downtown bingo!
Would love to come play with a total of 3 people. School just finished and it would be such a fun treat!
05/27/2014 7:17AM
Scottish Bingo!
We haven played Bingo since relocating to Denver from Scotland 10 years ago. Would love 2 tickets. Looks like the prizes are way better than what we used to try and win, which included, yellow plastic bath ducks, Wellie boots and tea bags. Hope to hear back from you guys.
05/13/2015 7:14PM
Please contact me about an RSVP for this week's Bar BINGO! There are 3 of us. Thanks!!
01/22/2016 10:04AM
Denver ladys
My cousin and i would love to join. Save us 2 tickets.
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