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Awkward Moment With A Teacher


Steve had a friend who had a run in with one of his teacher. His friend had a buddy who wanted to punch some guy at the bar that was upsetting him. Steve’s friend looked around and realized this “jerk” turned out to be his old P.E. teacher, Mr. Nagle. So he tried to be the intermediate guy. Walks up to Mr. Nagle and explains that he had him as a gym teacher. Unfortunately, Mr. Nagle felt the same way about the guy who wanted to fight him in the first place.

Slacker makes the comment that this is what guys have to do at a bar. It’s part of being a wing man! Negotiate the situation and bring it down a notch. Then just make sure the two drunks avoid each other throughout the remainder of the evening.

Steve’s past also includes smokin’ up with an old photography class teacher in the dark room. No one is allowed in there, so it was a safe place to partake…Steve claims he wouldn’t do it now. If he saw him today, he would only call him by his first name, Bob, not Mr. Anderson.

Slacker has not run into any of his old teacher. He had a teacher named Mr. Madson. He credits him with making a difference in his life and told him to go do whatever you want to do. He was also brewed beer! Slacker stayed up late and watched him on a feel good story on the news and remembers thinking what a cool guy he was for being on TV.

Slacker bets that his teachers could beat Steve’s teacher’s butts! See, Slacker’s teacher were all in Longmont, so they have street smart and Steve’s teacher were all in the Dakota’s and from farm country. Steve agrees that Slacker’s right, but Steve’s insists that his teacher’s were hotter.

Have you ever had an awkward run in with a teacher?
I had a few run-ins with one my old teacher’s from grade school. He became a police officer of my hometown, so I ran into him a lot in my early 20’s. Stuff like speeding, late night parties and asking me who the people were moving illegal substances in town, etc. Nothing awkward, but I still see him as my P.E. Teacher to this day. Not a cop!

Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! – Ray the Intern


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06/18/2012 3:55PM
Awkwar Moment With A Teacher
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06/19/2012 2:11PM
Slacker's old band teachers
I can agree with Slacker that his band teachers, Mr. Bill and Mr. Ketchum wouldn't have been caught in drunken run-ins, but they were both awesome band instructions. Just thinking of Mr. Ketchum reminds me of his "hair flip" jesture that he did while conducting mid-song when his comb-over got out of place. Too funny! Mr. Bill was also a rock star but eventually transfered over to LHS in the later 90s. I'm still sad that he's not there to pass along his goofy antics to the future Falcons. BAND GEEKS FOREVER!!
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