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Asked To Do Illegal Stuff

You’re supposed to be there for friends whenever they need you…but what if they ask you to do something illegal?

"I joined a health club.  Everything was included and there is no obligation.  They took a picture of me when I joined but they don't have identification cards, we just sign in when we are using the facilities. My buddy can't afford a membership.  He asked me if he could use my membership.  He wants to use my name when signing in.  If he gets caught then I'll be the one getting into trouble.  I don't know if this is a good idea." 

Slacker recalls several instances where he was involved with possible illegality: one in which fraud was committed in relation to a bad car accident he was in and others where he "held" things for people.

This is another iffy conversation to try to continue online as there is no VD.  I don't recall ever being asked to do anything illegal or asking anyone to do so...but I am in college which is generally, as most people know, a world filled with fake IDs.  I don't have one myself but it is definitely a commonality amongst people I know and on college campuses everywhere.

Ever have a friend ask you to help them beat the system or to do something illegal?

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08/07/2012 6:30PM
Asked To Do Illegal Stuff
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08/07/2012 7:11PM
Ex boyfriend vandals
My friend and I pretty much trashed her ex boyfriends car in high school then assulted him with change during an assembly THEN threw paint at his house
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