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Slacker and Steve always try to be open and honest on the show. However they know there are some things you don't know about them that you've always wanted to.

Slacker says some people don’t know that the meaning of Yi!, came from a woman who called and accidentally said yes and hi at the same time. He says it caught on that day and people continued to say Yi so now they use it on the show. He says he used to be in a band called Intense that never even got a Wikipedia page. His girly guilty pleasure is a facial.

Steve who was asked why he has such a macho front says he doesn’t put up a front it’s just his natural behavior. He says many people have thought he’s gay due to the fact he lives alone and has date woman with names that could be for men or women. However he is in fact straight. He is also embarrassed about his first name which is Murray.

What question have you always wanted to ask Slacker and Steve?

I would like to know why they don’t call the show Michael and Murray since those are their real names.

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02/27/2014 6:45PM
Ask Us Anything
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02/28/2014 9:11AM
All I'm sayin is I would still have all the radios in my life set to 105.9 even if it was Michael and Murray, and not Slacker and Steve .... Murray the fact that your name isn't Steve makes you even hotter
02/28/2014 9:30AM
The slacker and Murray show ....I'm down for some S&M (Whipcracking ) Desi
03/02/2014 8:59AM
what inspired you to be in radio
09/26/2014 7:37AM
are you alive?
Well...are you?
10/28/2015 8:12PM
I remember my first beer... Do you?
12/15/2015 9:52AM
What is your real name, Slacker?
What is your real name, Slacker?
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