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Are relationships moving to fast?

We always hear the story of people that meet and move in together or get married right away. BJ and Jamie think you need more time but wait until you hear some of the caller's stories before you make up your mind. Sean and Shaina are a perfect example of how this works out. Listen in HERE. And some tips for you too!

Ways to gauge if things are moving too fast
That “butterflies” feeling, unexpected silly grins, and a sudden need for less sleep—there is a level of giddiness in any new relationship that’s wonderful… and the last thing you want to do is kill that magic. So how can you tell when your date’s feelings are the natural high of falling for someone… and when they’ve hit fast-forward? According to the experts, there are definite head-over-heels “symptoms.” Magdoff suggests one clue is too many phone calls, texts, and emails. “There is sort of this assumption that you’ll be available to the other person all the time,” says Magdoff. It’s one thing for a date to show interest, entirely another to desire constant, 24/7 communication. “Also be aware if the person starts asking too many deep questions about you too quickly or is working too hard to please you,” she says.

Love coach Rinatta Paries advises caution if the person is pushing physicality, mentions that you are “soul mates” or starts making long-term plans – which could range from discussing future holiday plans to mentioning marriage, living together or children – too early on. “I would also be wary if your date tells you that he or she has never felt this strongly about someone before or thinks you are perfect and can do no wrong, as those are signs of being in love with the idea of love more than the real you,” she warns.

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03/17/2014 9:24AM
Are relationships moving to fast?
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