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Another week means another Anyone Listening Who! This week, Slacker thinks more of you have had to go to the emergency room for something embarrassing. Steve thinks more of you have something bizarre in your freezer that isn't food. And Lil D thinks more of you have driven naked.

Slacker thinks Steve is going to win this week. He knows for sure Lil D will not win. Slacker says he has changed his shirt driving so many times. He thought Steve’s idea is stupid until he realized his uncle has his finger in his freezer after it got cut off in an accident. He had a friend who worked at the ER and said a man had a battery stuck up his daddy part. Ouch!!

Steve says so far he is winning the competition. He thinks he knows the listeners better than the other two.  He used to hide drugs in his freezer.

Lil D has never driven naked. He doesn’t even have a story for it. He just wants to hear why someone would drive naked.

Who do you agree with?

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06/13/2014 3:14PM
Anyone Listening Who
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06/16/2014 3:36PM
Single Black women
I'm a single attractive independent young black lady. Why is it the Caucasian men are afraid to approach us/me? I'm tired of being single. Hook me up slacker &steve!
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