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Anyone Listening Who

The return of summer means the return of 'Anyone Listening Who'! We have a little competition to see who knows you better.
Slacker thinks Lil D has an advantage because he talks to all of you individually! He thinks that more of you have had SWAT in your house. Slacker is willing to accept calls from prison to prove that he will win!
Steve agrees with Slacker, Lil D has a great advantage! He thinks that a lot of you have used a stiletto as a weapon. Steve said he has had this done to him outside of a club!
Lil D thinks that more of you have bought a new can and has wrecked it! This is because a lot of people buy their car and then instantly wrecks it out of the parking lot of the dealership!
Which team are you on?

Intern Tyler

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05/30/2014 3:15PM
Anyone Listening Who
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06/02/2014 3:38PM
car crash
this happened to a friend of mine. he bought a volkswagon passat and his son was driving it home from the party they bought the car from and was involved on a head on collision and totalled the car. his son had to have the jaws of life used on him to get him out. he broke his arm but otherwise was ok. the police said if it wasn't that that car was so well built he probably would of been killed. they did even get a chance to get the insurance on the car yet but the agent said since it was signed over into his name and he just purchased it 30 minutes prior it was covered.
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