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Annoying Things About Your Significant Other

There will always be something about your spouse that drives you absolutely nuts. A new study came out that rolling your eyes in an argument with your significant other actually means your relationship could be rocky. Experts say that it is better to scream and argue ‘til the death than to roll your eyes in a relationship because that means you are just dismissing their opinion.

Slacker wonders if he rolls his eyes at people, even his wife. (He does.) He knows he has a bad habit of leaving doors open. He thinks it starts with his garage door when he got an alarm system that chimes whenever you open it because it became annoying. He doesn’t even close the bathroom door….that’s awkward.

Steve thinks it is stupid that rolling eyes are the most annoying thing. But he never rolls his eyes. He sighs, sometimes.

Lil’ D says they need to have an intervention with his wife because she is a chronic drawer-leaver-opener. Every single time he has to go close all the cabinets, and dresser drawers. He says him and Slacker could never be married. He also said that he is a brushing teeth in the shower kinda guy. His wife does not and uses his tooth paste and it makes him have to get out of the shower and go get it. Annoying!

What is that one thing about your significant other that drives you insane?

My boyfriend sings very loud and gets so into the song like his life depends on it. It is cute because he is so into singing, but it is so loud sometimes, I wanna punch him.
Intern Nikki

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02/26/2014 6:21PM
Annoying Things About Your Significant Other
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02/27/2014 9:03AM
Overly cuddly
My fiancé loves to cuddle. Which I love, but I also like to go to bed feeling like I can breath. If he had it his way I'd be his personal body pillow every night. When I make comments like I want a little space in bed he starts to pout and makes comments like I don't love him that much or I'm not filing his love quota up. I love my fiancé but his smothering sometimes drives me insane!
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