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Animal Encounters

In California, a brown bear weighing more than 400 pounds found its way into a residential area and started wandering around. The California Department of Fish and Game had officers shoot the bear with a tranquilizer dart but it didn’t work and it tried to escape by crossing backyards. Eventually, the bear trapped itself in a corner and an hour later the bear was put on a tarp where it was dragged away. They tagged the bear for tracking and it was sent back out into a nearby forest.
In Vermont, the Governor was walking around in his birthday suit when he noticed black bears eating out of his bird feeders. He yelled at the bears and then made the unfortunate mistake of going outside to grab the bird feeders so the bears wouldn’t come back. As he stepped outside, a bear attacked him, but he was able to get back inside the house.
In Chicago, a 37-year-old man was checking on his animals in his kayak on a pond when one of his swans he uses to keep geese away, got angry and attacked him. The swan caused him to fall out of his kayak and continued to chase after him until he drowned.
In Florida, a public park is closed until further notice all because of a couple of raccoons. A mother and child were attacked on the playground and another woman was attacked while eating lunch. They still don’t know why the raccoons are so angry…
Just yesterday morning I had my very own animal encounter. Let me start by saying geese and I are not friends. When I was in high school I was shooting photography and some of them got mad so they started to fly at me while pooping! It was terrifying! Well, yesterday I was heading into work and at first I was driving down a lane in the parking lot when geese were crossing so I had to stop and wait. When I finally parked I started heading to the entrance and those same geese were just standing there! Obviously, I didn’t want to make them upset and they were already hissing at me so…I waited…And waited…And finally they decided to move and went on in. It was ridiculous!
Slacker noticed how much of a distain the geese have for us around here. Steve thinks they are getting better and starting to use the crosswalks but Slacker see’s them stop in the middle of the cross-walk, poop, and then he has to continue to wait.
Have you had an animal encounter?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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04/17/2012 3:18PM
Animal Encounters
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