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Brother Redevelopment Paint - a - thon

March - September
Between March and September each year, Brothers Redevelopment works alongside event sponsors and more than 2,000 caring volunteers to paint the homes of income-qualified senior and disabled homeowners in cities across the Front Range -- ALL FREE OF CHARGE.
These days, the average cost to paint a home can surpass $5,000 — a huge expense for a senior/disabled homeowners living with financial and/or physical limitations. Given that the services is offered AT NO COST to the homeowner, they can devote their limited and fixed-incomes to cover other important costs, such as medication, groceries and utility bills.
The event appeals to volunteers of all ages, professions and persuasions. Participating volunteer teams represent nearly every aspect of our communities: corporations, churches, neighborhood and civic associations and more.
For more information on volunteering, sponsoring the event or applying to have a home painted, call Brothers Redevelopment email

Children's Hospital Colorado: Just ask Children's

July Topic: Toddlers

Toddlers keep us on our toes. So much growing and learning – for parents too! From tantrums and food allergies to potty training and bedtime, we want them to be safe and happy. Here are some toddler tips that can help.

Potty-Training is hard! What are some tips to get through it?
•    Give incentives for using the toilet. Special incentives, such as favorite sweets or video time, can be invaluable.
•    Don’t punish or criticize your child for accidents. Respond gently to accidents, and don’t allow siblings to tease the child. 

Toddlers at the table: How can we avoid power struggles? 
Toddlers are learning how to do many things and they like to be in control! This means mealtimes can feel like a battle for parents of picky eaters. Good news – you can manage picky eating and help your child develop healthy eating habits.
•    Create calm meals Toddlers love routine! Serve meals and snacks at about the same time each day – typically every 3 hours, or 3 meals and 2 snacks per day.
•    Toddlers should always sit at the table to eat or drink. If not using the high chair, use strap-in chairs or booster seats.
•    Serve food only at meal or snack times. Sit at the table with your child during meals and turn off the TV.
•    Allow your child to pick up the food and feed him or herself. Remember your child is learning and exploring so allow for some play time here too.

How do we know if our child has food allergies? 
•    A food allergy is defined as an abnormal immune system response. 
•    Most childhood food allergies develop in the first few years, although new ones can develop at any time. 
•    Some children outgrow their allergies. Allergies to milk, egg, wheat and soy are more likely to be outgrown. Peanuts, tree nut, fish and shellfish are less likely. 
•    Children with other allergies or who have immediate family members with allergic diseases (eczema, asthma, hay fever, food allergies) are at higher risk.

 For more expert tips from Just Ask Children’s visit

Susan G. Komen Colorado Race for the Cure

Sunday, September 27, 2015
Pepsi Center

Registration is now open for the Komen Colorado Race for the Cure on September 27th at the Pepsi Center.  Register by July 15th using the code “Race 2015” to save $5 off registration
Do you love those long-sleeve Race t-shirts? For an extra $10 you can order one through the month of June.  All participants are encouraged to honor the survivors and co-survivors in their lives by “Getting Your Superhero Groove On.”  Dress up as your favorite superhero on Race Day.  
Registration is the start, all participants are encouraged to fundraise. If every participant raised an additional $100, Komen Colorado would raise $3 million for breast cancer programs and research!   For more information and to sign up visit

Brent's Place

We need your help in creating a community of hope and healing.  Volunteers are a key part of our success at Brent’s Place. Every volunteer plays an important part in creating and maintaining a "Safe-Clean" and supportive environment while enriching the lives of patients and their families through programs and services. Opportunities include serving as a personal chef, greeter, cleaning buddy, family assistant, special event volunteer and more. If you have a passion to help our families, we have a way for you to get involved!  Click here for more.

Denver Zoo

Put your passion to work.
Denver Zoo volunteers are a dedicated group of individuals, from all walks of life, united by their advocacy for the zoo and their passion for animals and conservation.  Volunteers play a vital role in supporting Denver Zoo’s mission by successfully engaging guests, inspiring their connections with animals and motivating them to take conservation actions. In return, volunteers receive a sense of satisfaction and pride in the defining moments they help create for others.  Visit here and volunteer to day. 

Volunteer for Ronald McDonald House

The Denver and Aurora Ronald McDonald House could not operate without the support of many volunteers.  They are the heart of the House.  All types of volunteers are needed. 
House Managers - answer phones, check in families and light clerical work
Fundraising - help with annual events
Meals Programs - provide a meal for 30-40 guests staying at the house
Camp Volunteer - Sky High Hope Camp for children with cancer
Family Rooms at the Hospitals - help provide some comforts of home
If you are interested in Volunteering Contact 303-832-2667 or visit

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