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Airline "Baggage"

A man by the name of Peter Singer, a professor at Princeton University, thinks airlines should base their ticket prices on each passenger’s weight or combine the weight of the flyer plus their bags. Singer says that airlines need to adjust their pricing because of the high fuel prices. In Singer’s own words, "Obese people cannot help being overweight – they just have a different metabolism from the rest of us. But the point of a surcharge for extra weight is not to punish a sin, whether it is levied on baggage or on bodies. It is a way of recouping from you the true cost of flying you to your destination, rather than imposing it on your fellow passengers. Flying is different from, say, health care. It is not a human right." Do you agree with Peter?
During the conversation, we got a call from a woman named Hannah and she agrees with Peter. She works out all the time to make herself look good and it’s not fair. Say she goes to the mall for a size 2, $179 jeans…She says someone wearing a size 16 should be paying more or she should be paying less because they are using more fabric. They are using more, more, more and she is using less. It makes her so angry…Do you agree?
You know what I say…If it’s not broke, don’t fix it…Although I don’t pay much attention to the airlines, I haven’t heard much about them in the news so I say they are doing just fine and lets not get on people about their weight. We’re all beautiful people and we’re all just trying to get through life.
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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03/23/2012 4:09PM
Airline "Baggage"
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