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Airline Abomination

If you haven’t heard already, Jet Blue passengers were grounded in Connecticut without water or bathrooms for several hours! The flight left Florida heading for New Jersey, but the plane ended up stopping in Connecticut due to weather and infrastructure issues. After they landed, three hours went by before staff told the passengers they had to let them off the plane to wait for a tug to take them to a gate. An hour later, they heard the same story until state troopers needed to board the plane for a medical emergency. Finally, all passengers were let off the plane and it has not been said if the passengers will be compensated for their experience.
If Slacker was ever stuck on a plane, one, he would feel awful for the crew because they would have to deal with all the passengers when technically, they are in the same situation. Two, he would probably take the hit with the FBI and just open up the door and go down the slide just to get off the plane.
Once, when Slacker was coming back from Cancun, the plane he was on had to be diverted to a small airport in Texas. When they went in for the landing, they suddenly throttled back up… And they did this four times! Not one passenger knew what was going on at the time, but later someone heard the landing gear indication light was not working so until they knew the landing gear was down, they wouldn’t land.
I am not a very relaxed person when it comes to flying. When there’s turbulence, I think the plane is going to fall apart like in Lost and we’re going down! Although I haven’t been stuck in a plane for several hours, I have been on a flight where we had to turn around immediately because something was wrong with the plane. That experience was terrifying. When we landed, we all had to sit in our seats for a good while before they fixed the plane and we were able to take off again. I wish I could have gone on a different plane, but hey, I’m alive!
Have you lived through an airline abomination?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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11/01/2011 3:21PM
Airline Abomination
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11/01/2011 4:36PM
Bomb Threat called in after takeoff
My brother and myself were flying home from Phoenix, AZ to California for Thanksgiving. About 10 minutes after takeoff they pilot pretty much made a u-turn in midair and our plane landed on the same runway we took of from but in the other direction. We taxied way out to the middle of nowhere, stopped, and then everything went silent as the pilot shut off the engines. Wondering what the hell was going on I looked out the window only to see and entire fleet of emergency vehicles heading in our direction. We sat on the plane for about 20 to 30 minutes, when the pilot finally came on the intercom and said, "Ladies and gentlemen we have had a bomb threat on this plane, please remain seated." Naturally I was freaked out and waiting to either hear a "boom" or get off the freaking plane via the yellow slides, but nothing. Another 15 minutes went by and finally everyone walked down the jetway stairs, or whatever you call them, and were standing in the middle of nowhere. With the smell of jet fuel in the air, one of the hundred or so passengers thought it would be a good idea to have a smoke while we waited. I remember this big guy ran over to the person lighting up and took both the lighter and cancer stick away yelling, "Are you f&*^#(& out of you mind!!!" All of us were taken to a secluded terminal to keep the media away, yah right!!. About 30 minutes after we got there the media was swarming everywhere trying to get interviews from us. To make a long story short we were given food while we waited to get on another plane. After we boarded and took off, we later found out that we were on the SAME FREAKING PLANE as before!!
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