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Adult Hide & Seek


35% of Americans are having to deal with debt collectors right now. The average American owes $5,178 to somebody who is coming after them. How do you hide from debt collectors? How do you hide from that annoying neighbor? An ex? Do you owe a friend some money? How do you play adult hide and seek?

Slacker plays adult hide & seek on a daily basis! He will get home, see his neighbors, wave as he gets into the garage and closes the door behind him right away. A few minutes later, "ding dong!" and Slacker will not answer the door. He does say though that having kids kind of ruins the hide and seek plan. Someone Slacker knows hid from a debt collector for over a year, that's talent!

Steve wouldn't answer his door for his neighbors then had to leave a few minutes later, he's that guy! He told the story of when he had to hide from a girl who he was no longer seeing. The girl was ringing his door bell and when that didn't work she then started banging on the window. After having to hide in his own house, the girl finally left.

Producer Lil D says he has never played adult hide and seek... Lies!

How do you play adult hide and seek?

Intern Alli

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07/29/2014 7:32PM
Adult Hide & Seek
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