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Jakki Ballan of England admits being addicted to Diet Coke. She drinks 50 cans a day and has spent $250,000 over the last three decades on the drink. She is now claiming she has hallucinations and that the addiction is taking over her life. She is down to one bottle and is panicking and pacing around the house.

Slacker can’t wrap his brain around being obsessed with something like that, especially that much. He gives Steve crap because he cleans her car so much that he thinks he is addicted to it.

Steve says Slacker smells like rumple mints all the time… are you an alcoholic Slacker? He says, yes, like to keep my car clean. It cost him $13 and sometimes he washes it twice a day. He likes Star Trek but he is not addicted, he just likes it.

What are you addicted to?

I am addicted to coffee. If I don’t have coffee once a day I freak out. Speaking of coffee,  I’m  going to go get a cup.

Intern Nikki

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02/25/2014 3:17PM
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