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Accidentally Shoplifted

Shoplifting… Unfortunately, it happens to the best of us… Maybe you’re just eating a sandwich and forget to pay for it, causing you to go to jail for shoplifting, but it doesn’t make you a criminal… Right?
In Hawaii, Nicole Leszczynski never thought two chicken salad sandwiches would land her and her husband in jail, along with her two year old daughter in state custody. The family had just moved to Hawaii and decided to venture out when they got lost and ended up at a Safeway. So, while they shopped, her husband grabbed two sandwiches and she ate one while they were shopping. When they checked out, they forgot to hand the wrapper over to be scanned and were immediately questioned. Before they knew it, they were heading upstairs to store managers, which was later followed by police handcuffing them a few hours later an taking them to jail. There, they took mug shots, and paid their own bails, before being escorted back to the Safeway where they have now been banned for a year, and finally got to head home a little before midnight. Yikes…

Steve has never been a cart guy or basket guy so he always just goes in and grabs a few things, but… If his hands get a little full and he wants a candy bar, he will grab it and stick it in his pocket. According to Slacker, because he already concealed it, it’s considered stolen. Either way, Steve gets away with it somehow or he pulls it out of pocket to pay for it…
Of course, Slacker has a story of his own. If you haven’t heard the story already, Slacker went shopping for a Christmas tree one year and they were having a sale of 50% off trees. He found and $800 tree and when he went to pay for it, it was coming up at $400 as it was suppose to with the 50% but the lady, not thinking about it assumed it wasn’t working and took the 50% off manually. Slacker didn’t say anything and took off with four of them. He can admit that was accidental shoplifting.
I can honestly say I have never shoplifted, accidently shoplifted, nothing. Not to say I haven’t thought about it… But when I was younger, I used to watch Full House. On the show, Stephanie stole a sweater and when she got caught she returned it and called herself a shoplifter. Since then, I always thought I would get caught, especially since her name is the same as mine…
When have you accidently shoplifted?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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11/04/2011 3:52PM
Accidentally Shoplifted
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