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Accepting A Drink From A Guy At The Bar

There’s a little bit of a debate going on in the studio and we need your help. Here’s a scenario:
Say you’re at a bar and you go up to the bar to get a drink. Well, while you are up there the guy next to you goes, “Hey can I buy you a drink?” And you say yes… Do you owe him any conversation as part of “the drink buying contract”  as Slacker puts it or can you take the drink, say thank you and walk away?
Slacker feels like if you are going to say yes to someone buying you a drink, you have to give them a moment of your time to talk to them. It’s a kind gesture. Steve thinks you can say thank you and walk away and if he’s the guy that bought you the drink and you say that, then he will accept it because he took the risk. In a sense you are accepting the drink, not necessarily him. Steve says if you stay and talk and you’re not even interested, then it’s just leading him on and in that case, Slacker says you shouldn’t even accept the offer.
What do you think?
Steve asked me this question last night and I told him if someone was to offer me a drink, of course I would take it, but I wouldn’t be able to walk away. I would feel so guilty that of course I would give him a moment of my time and then throw out a code word to a friend so that I can get away if I’m not interested.
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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03/27/2012 4:12PM
Accepting A Drink From A Guy At The Bar
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