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A HA Moment after a Break Up


In Massachusetts, a 22-year-old guy with two jobs and who was recently dumped by his girlfriend, just won $30.5 million in the lottery.Talk about a reversal of fortune. Sandeep Singh says he’s hoping not to get any calls from the woman who dumped him now that he’s a millionaire. 30 million bucks can certainly clear up a lot of heartache. (Courtesy of

Every time Slacker breaks up with somebody, he does something great. He broke up with a girl and a record company called and he went on tour for a year. He broke up with a girl and he got the gig at a radio station. He broke up with a girl and he got his own show. Man, he needs a break up!

Steve is exactly the opposite. His ex girlfriends always tend to be the one reaching greatness after they break up...

Slacker asked Steve if he would ever date them again if he was the one who won millions and then mislead them to believe that they would rekindle their relationship. Steve's says "No!" He black books everything and always remebers why they broke up!

Slacker did get his tour bus to come pick him up at his high school reunion. He was like..."Guys, I'd like to stick around and chat, but I have to go play with Dokken"! YES!

What was your "A-Ha" moment after a break up?

Mine is here and now...14 years ago, I divorced my first wife. Now I'm here and doing everything I enjoy instead of fighting someone I don't who constantly kept me and my dreams down. Rise Above!

Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! - Ray the Intern

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10/22/2012 6:20PM
A HA Moment after a Break Up
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10/25/2012 1:24PM
Slacker is a fucking liar.
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