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3AM Decisions

They say nothing good happens after midnight…so just imagine how bad things must be at 3AM! We want to hear your bad 3AM decisions!

10 Decisions You Should Never Make At 3 A.M. from
1. DON’T decide to send him a picture that proves just how much you’re missing him.
2. DON’T decide to hunt down and smoke that cigarette you’re sure you left in a pocket of last winter’s coat.
3. DON’T decide to unpack the Ikea box and get started. The little Allen wrench is so cute!
4. DON’T decide to eat the whole damn cake.
5. DON’T decide to tweet @mindykaling your dozens of adorable ideas for her new sitcom, 140 characters at a time.
6. DON’T decide to use your credit card for anything, especially some sort of magical mop.
7. DON’T decide to use the rhythm method (just this once!). It works, right? Right?
8. DON’T decide to trim your bangs. Four beers do not the steadiest hands make.
9. DON’T decide to email your boss the top five reasons you deserve a raise. Number one: late-night dedication!
10. DON’T decide to quit your job, marry him, or get implants. Because, honestly, the only decision you should make at 3:00 A.M. is whether or not to get up and pee.

Both Slacker and Steve say they are late-night shoppers, especially when it comes to food-based infomercials.  Steve, not exactly a culinary sensation, once bought a wok off of an infomercial at 3 in the morning!  They also told different stories of them, as well as Producer Dave, walking what ended up being incredibly long distances (somewhat inebriated) home from friends' houses late at night.

I too am a late-night impulsive internet shopper, I'm not afraid to admit it.  Just a few weeks ago I bought some leggings made out of a fabric that legitimately looks like outer space.  I think the weirdest thing I ever bought, however, was a "Friends" (yes, the television show "Friends") cookbook for 99 cents on Amazon.  I had forgotten I about buying it by the time it came in the mail, but it really seemed like a good deal/idea at the time!

What was the worst decision you ever made at 3AM?

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07/24/2012 5:43PM
3AM Decisions
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